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  • Česká síťovka with its team led by Karolina Pechová is a brand which enjoys creativity and originality in its production of traditional Czech net bags. Bags that are fashionable, modern and smart.

    They are a team of open-minded, creative and eco friendly people who are passionate about designing new practical and eye-catching bags.

    The multifunctional bags offers you a more stylish alternative for all occasions. They can be used for more than shopping, sports, parties, festivals or beach activities.

    Our products are made of organic and recycled materials in our shelter house in Czech Republic.

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  • The Czech 60’s trend shoe BOTAS 66 is a natural choice for us to work with as the brand matches our brand values and our focus on bringing out the best from the Czech 60’s history. In 1966, the company first introduced the iconic model later known as Botas Classic. This design was born from the pen of Marcel Scheinpflug and it was originally made from leather of Mongolian horses. Visit our essential shop and try a pair of the BOTAS 66 PARKHOTEL shoe or visit their website for more inspiring shoes.

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  • The Czech Coca Cola drink that every Czech knows and love can be found on draft in Bar7 or in your minibar in our bedrooms. The classic 60’s product that gives you a taste of Czech Republic and brings you one step closer to the people. or simple drop by Bar7 for a taste.

    Kofola started her phenomenally successful path of our history in the stores in 1960’s. Name of the first lucky ones who fell in love with Kofola, unfortunately disappeared from history in gear. However, it is clear that the Tenth Square and několikatisící gradually fell under the spell of Kofola. Its consumption throughout the sixties grew so that Czechoslovakia had to run out and herbs for them to go abroad.

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  • The Old Bike specializes in resurrecting old Czech (and other European) bikes, mostly from the communist era and restoring them to their original state and with their orginal components. We hand pick models that we feel will have the most sentimental and aesthetic value to bike lovers today. We give these historical bikes a second life and we try to find a good home for them. There is a certain magic in riding and owning one of these jewels of the past, which we hope some of ParkHotel guests can experience.

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